Four steps

to insight-driven organizational growth

For over a decade, Darow has helped top growth companies in Scandinavia to reach their objectives through our search, assessment and advisory services. We have found that a majority of our clients – regardless of industry – are strongly data-and insight-driven when it comes to sales, marketing and product development.

Yet, many business leaders still rely on intuition rather than data for organizational development and hiring decisions. They guess.

Relying solely on personal intuition and past accomplishments is insufficient when building a state-of-the-art team for your company´s planned growth journey. To determine your needs and effectively evaluate future team members, you must have a clear understanding of your objective, the type of team required to get there, and above all, your starting point.

You can shift from guesswork to insight-driven organizational development in four steps:

– Align with ownership objectives:
Visualize the organizational structure your company will require once it attains its current goals. Consider the management team needed to pave the way. Benchmark and learn from successful growth journeys in similar businesses. Remember – while your company is unique, the growth phases are not.

– Assess your current management team:
Conduct a thorough team assessment of your existing management team and gain insights into their current composition, strengths, weaknesses and motivational factors. Determine their potential to grow in alignment with your company´s strategy. Individually and as a team.

– Develop an organizational roadmap:
Combine your long-term organizational needs with insights from the team assessment to create an organizational roadmap. This roadmap should be seamlessly integrated into your business plan. It will provide a clear plan for individual development needs, transitional requirements for the team and future recruitment needs. It will also help prioritize your organizational initiatives.

– Recruitment based on insights:
When recruiting new team members, assess them using the same criteria applied to your current team members. This approach enables you not only to predict their performance and growth within the company but also how well their profile aligns with the current structure and future needs. This approach ensures you build the right team for your growth journey, beyond impressive CVs!